5 M’s of Manufacturing (What is it? & How it is Important?)

5 M's of manufacturing

The 5 M’s of manufacturing are listed below.

  1. Material
  2. Machines
  3. Men power
  4. Methods
  5. Money

Let’s discuss each of these 5 M’s in brief.

#1 Material

For manufacturing of any product in industries, we need raw materials.

Raw materials are considered as the base of any manufacturing process.

Without these materials, it’s very difficult to get the final product in most of the Industries.

Apart from that, the continuous supply of the materials are also very essential for the continuous production of the products.

#2 Machines

For the manufacturing process, machines play a vital role.

Work done by machines has many benefits over work done by humans.

Machines are capable of producing the products very fast and efficiently.

The production rate can be increased a lot and also the production can be set on automation by using machines.

By using machines, highly precise manufacturing products can be produced in less time.

Also machines reduce most of the errors which are made by humans.

#3 Men power

In order to complete certain tasks in an industry, labors or men power are required.

If labors are not happy with the work allocated to them, then the entire production cycle gets disturbed.

The labors may not work with full enthusiasm and so the specific task allocated to them may not be completed by them in a given time.

So the employee should be comfortable with the work allocated to them and they should be able to work easily and happily.

Hence, employees are the actual persons who make the most money for the company.

#4 Methods

From a journey of raw material to a finished product, there are various methods through which the material has to pass.

These manufacturing methods can be of different types depending on the type of product.

All the products that are manufactured should meet the requirements set for the final product.

This way, different methods are set for the production of different products.

#5 Money

Money is the most important thing for any business. Nothing happens without money.

Before spending money in any business, you should be sure enough that it will give a good return.

For example, if a money is invested on a machine, then you must be sure that this machine should give higher returns on investment.

Similarly, if you have invested money in raw materials, then it should be of good quality and the return from this investment should be great.

This way, the 5 M’s of manufacturing are very important and this should be considered for the manufacturing process.

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