Core Print & Core Boxes in Casting (All You Need to Know)

Here I have given you a short and simple information about the Core print and Core boxes used in casting.

I have also mentioned the Types of Core Prints as well as Types of Core Boxes.

So let’s dive right into it.

What is Core Print in Casting?
Core print is simply the extra projection which is added to the pattern. It forms a seat in the mould and it is used to hold and locate the sand core.

Types of Core Prints

There are mainly 5 types of core prints that are used in the casting process.

  1. Horizontal core print
  2. Vertical core print
  3. Balanced core print
  4. Cover or hanging core print
  5. Wing core print

Let me tell you a few things about each of these core prints.

#1) Horizontal core print

Horizontal core prints are the core prints that form a seat for the horizontal sand core in the mold.

Horizontal core print is generally used in split pattern or two piece pattern.

#2) Vertical core print

As the name suggests, the vertical core print forms a seat for the vertical sand core in the mold.

#3) Balanced core print

Balanced core print is used for supporting the balanced core.

The balanced core is supported from one end and its other end is hanging in the mould cavity.

Hence, the balanced core print forms the seat only on one side of the sand core.

#4) Cover or Hanging core

Hanging core print is used for supporting the hanging core.

Hanging core is a sand core in which the entire surface of the pattern is rammed in the drag and the core is hanging from the top in the mold.

#5) Wing core print

Wing core print forms the seat for the sand cores which are placed above or below the parting line in the mould.

Core boxes in Casting

In casting, Core boxes are the devices which are used for making sand cores. Core box is a metallic or wooden box having the replica of the desired sand core which is to be manufactured.

The core boxes used in casting are of different types and are classified according to the shape of the core or method of making core.

Types of Core Boxes

5 major types of core boxes that are used in casting are mentioned below.

  1. Half core box
  2. Split core box
  3. Dump core box
  4. Loose piece core box
  5. Strickle core box

Let me tell you few things about each type of core box one by one.

#1) Half core box

Core Boxes in Casting (half core box)
  • Half core box is generally used for making symmetric sand cores.
  • By using a half core box, the two symmetric pieces of cores are made and then they are cemented together to form a single complete core.
  • Above image shows you the half core produced by using a half core box.

#2) Split core box

Types of core boxes (Split core box)
  • Split core box is made into two parts and this is similar to the split pattern.
  • The two parts of the split core box are joined together by the means of dowel pins and in this way the complete core box is formed.

#3) Dump core box

Core print in casting
  • Dump core box is used to make rectangular shaped sand cores.
  • Dump sand cores are similar to the half core box, but it has mostly the rectangular shaped replica in the core box.

#4) Loose piece core box

Loose piece core box
  • Loose piece core box is used to make the sand cores with the provisions of boxes or hubs. It is also used for preparation of cores when two halves of different shape and size are needed to be prepared in the same core box.

#5) Strickle type core box

Strickle type core box
  • Strickle type core boxes are used for manufacturing the sand cores which possess irregular shapes.
  • The above image shows the Strickle type core box used in preparing sand core.

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