Difference between Hot Chamber and Cold Chamber Die Casting

Differences between hot chamber and cold chamber die casting are mentioned below.

Hot chamber die castingCold chamber die casting
1). In hot chamber die casting, the source of molten metal is attached to the machine.1). In cold chamber die casting, the molten metal is introduced to the shot chamber from the external source.
2). This process is not suitable for metals which have high melting temperatures.2). The die casting machinery remains cooler as the molten metal is applied from the outside source.
3). Alloys having lower melting point can be casted using a hot chamber die casting process.3). Alloys having higher melting point can be casted using a cold chamber die casting process.
4). The production rate is higher as the material brought in every cycle is constantly outputted.4). The material is needed to fill in the cylinder in every cycle for the production, so the rate of productivity is less.
5). Less pressure is required to apply in the hot chamber die casting process. 5). Cold chamber die casting process requires high pressure to be applied on the molten metal.
6). The machinery life is less because the entire cylindrical and plunger are submerged in the molten metal.6). Machinery life is more as the part of the cylinder and piston are in contact with the molten metal.

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