10 Differences Between Laser & Electron Beam Welding (Easy!)

Want to know the differences between laser beam welding and electron beam welding?

Here is the table for Electron Beam Welding vs Laser Welding.

Electron beam welding Laser welding

1). Definition: Electron beam welding is a fusion welding process in which the metals are joined due to heat produced by the collision of high-velocity electron beam with the metal. 

1). Definition: Laser welding (or laser beam welding) is a fusion welding process in which the joining of metals takes place due to heat produced by a laser beam.
2). In electron beam welding, the electrons are focused on the workpiece.2). In laser welding, the photons are focused on the workpiece.
3). The tendency of electron beam to diverge during the contact with the workpiece surface is very less. So it gives deeper holes with less distortion.3). The laser beam have more tendency to diverge when it comes in contact with the workpiece surface.
4). Vacuum chamber is used in electron beam welding process to prevent the atmospheric contaminations.4). In laser welding process, the inert gas is used as a shielding gas.
5). Welding is not flexible as the vacuum chamber can not be used for large workpieces.5). Welding is flexible for large workpieces as the welding is done using inert gas shielding
6). The weld obtained is pure as the welding is done in a vacuum environment.6). Quality of weld is not so pure as compared to electron beam welding, because here the welding is carried out in an open environment using shielding gas.
7). Depth to width ratio of the weld is higher as the electron beam shows less deflection.7). Laser beam shows little deflection, so the depth to width ratio is less compared to electron beam welding.
8). Electron Beam welding is costly as compared to laser welding.8). It is cheaper to weld metals using a laser beam welding process.
9). Electron beam welding gives a faster production rate.9). Laser welding is a slower welding process.
10). Deeper penetration can be achieved using the EBW process.10). In LBW, penetration is less as compared to EBW.

I hope you have clearly understood the difference between laser and electron beam welding.

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