10 Foundry Tools and Equipments that you should know

Foundry Tools and Equipments used in foundries are mentioned below.

(Note: Foundry tools are sometimes also known as sand casting tools or metal casting tools or sand molding tools.)

10 Foundry tools and Equipments

  1. Shovel
  2. Riddle
  3. Rammer
  4. Strike-off-bar
  5. Vent wire
  6. Lifter
  7. Slick
  8. Trowel
  9. Swab
  10. Draw spike

Let’s discuss each of these foundry tools and equipments one by one.

#1) Shovel

foundry tools (Shovel)

Shovel is like a simple rectangular pan with a handle attached to it.

Shovel is used to move the molding sand from one place to another and also for mixing the mould sand.

#2) Riddle

Sand casting tools (riddle)

Sometimes there are some foreign materials in the molding sand, like nails, stones, etc.

In order to remove these foreign materials, a tool called riddle is used.

#3) Rammer

metal casting tools rammer

Rammers are simply a wooden hammer tool used in sand moulding for packing or ramming the sand in the mold.

#4) Strike-off-bar

Strike-off-bar is a cast iron or wrought iron bar which has a perfectly straight edge and is used to remove the extra sand which is present in the moulding after the ramming process is completed.

#5) Vent wire

Vent wire is a steel wire which is used to make holes or openings in the mould so that the hot gases and moisture can escape easily.

#6) Lifter

Lifter is a sand moulding tool which is used for patching the deep sections of the mould and also for removing the loose sand from the mould.

#7) Slick

sand molding tools Slick tool
(Image by Pjbflynn)

Slick is used in sand casting to repair the mould as well as to give proper finishing to the mould.

#8) Trowel

foundry tools and equipments (trowel)

Trowels are used to make a flat surface on the mould.

They are made up of a flat metal sheet with a handle attached at one end.

#9) Swab

Swab is made up of hemp or flax and it is used to apply water to the mould around the surface of the pattern.

#10) Draw spike

Draw spike is a simple metal rod which is pointed at the end or sometimes it is screwed at the end.

It is used to remove the pattern from the mould.

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