Hot Rolled vs Cold Rolled Steel (11 Points You Should Know)

The comparison of Hot rolled vs Cold rolled steel is mentioned in the table below.

Hot rolled steelCold rolled steel

1). What is Hot Rolled Steel?
Hot rolled steel (also known as HR Steel) is a steel which is heated above its recrystallization temperature (above 930 °C) and then it is roll-pressed to a desired shape. 

1). What is Cold Rolled Steel?
Cold rolled steel (also known as CR steel) is a steel which is roll-pressed at (or near) the room temperature to get the desired shape.
2). Uses/Examples of hot rolled steel.

Hot rolled rail tracks,
Hot rolled I-beam,
Hot rolled steel rods,
Hot rolled steel sheet,
Hot rolled square sections, etc.
2). Uses/Examples of cold rolled steel.

Cold rolled steel sheets,
Cold rolled rods,
Cold rolled strips,
Fan blades,
Metal furniture,
Metal cabinets, etc.
3). Hardening of steel does not take place by hot rolling.3). Steels get work-hardened by cold rolling.
4). The crystals are refined in hot rolled steel.4). The grains are just elongated or distorted in cold rolled steel.
5). Amount of mechanical force required for hot rolling is less (because the metal is heated).5). Amount of force required for cold rolling is more (because the metal is not heated).
6). Hot rolling operation is comparatively faster than cold rolling.6). Cold rolling operation is slower than hot rolling.
7). Small machines are required to perform hot rolling.7). Large bulky machines are required to perform cold rolling.
8). Surface finish obtained by hot rolling is not good.8). Surface finish obtained by cold rolling is better than that obtained with hot rolling.
9). Hot rolled steels show less dimensional accuracy.9). Cold rolled steels show higher dimensional accuracy.
10). Large sized steels can be hot rolled as the plastic deformation becomes easy at higher temperatures.10). Cold rolling is suitable for small sized steels.
11). Hot rolled steels show very less residual stresses.11). Cold rolled steels show high amounts of residual stresses.

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hot rolled steel vs Cold rolled steel

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Hence, refer the above table for all the differences.

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