How to select a Welding Process? (13 Factors to consider)

How to select a Welding Process

Confused? When to use which welding process?

In order to select a welding process, there are various factors which are necessary to consider.

Here I have listed 13 factors by which you can come to know about the selection of welding process.

13 Factors for selection of welding process

  1. Type of metal and its metallurgical properties
  2. Type of joint, its location and welding position
  3. End use of the joint
  4. Cost of production
  5. Structural size
  6. Desired performance
  7. Experience and ability of manpower
  8. Joint accessibility
  9. Joint design
  10. Accuracy of assembling required
  11. Availability of welding equipment
  12. Work sequence
  13. Welder skill

Basically, in most cases, the welding process is selected in such a way that it meets all the technical requirements, plus it is also cost effective.

By following the above 13 factors, you can easily choose a welding process.

Selection of the proper welding process helps a lot in achieving a good quality of weld.

But there are many other parameters which are necessary to be taken care of in order to achieve good quality welds.

The quality of welding depends on the following parameters.

  1. Skills of welder
  2. Welding parameters (like welding current, flame temperature, etc.)
  3. Shielding medium
  4. Working environment
  5. Work layout
  6. Edge preparation
  7. Fitting and alignment
  8. Protection of wild wind during on-site welding
  9. Dimensional accuracy
  10. Correct procedure of welding, etc.

By following these parameters, a good quality welding can be obtained.

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