Lathe Machine Safety Precautions (18 Rules You Should Know)

This is a complete list of 18 rules which you should follow as a safety precautions while operating a metal lathe machine.

18 Safety Precautions while operating Lathe Machine

#1) While operating a lathe machine, you should always wear safety glasses that have side protectors.

#2) One should never wear tie, loose clothes, watch, gloves, jewelry or rings while operating a lathe machine.

#3) Long hairs should be tied at the back or it should be covered under a cap.

#4) Before starting the metal lathe, always check that the workpiece is properly centered. Also check whether the workpiece is clamped properly or not in the chuck.

#5) Don’t forget to remove the chuck key from the chuck before starting the lathe machine.

#6) The single point cutting tool used in the metal lathe should be sharp.

#7) Don’t use any blunt or broken cutting tools for cutting operations on lathe.

#8) Always center drill the workpiece and use a live tailstock for the stability of the longer jobs when they are turned on metal lathe.

#9) Don’t keep your fingers and hands near the cutting tool or other moving parts of lathe.

#10) For a particular metal to be turned, you should always follow the recommended instructions for the rotation speeds, depth of cut and feed of the cutting tool.

#11) Before starting the cutting operation on metal lathe, make sure that the cutting tool is slightly above the workpiece axis.

#12) Do not measure or make any adjustments of the workpiece, chuck or tool while the lathe is on.

#13) When you are starting the metal lathe, its speed should be less and then you should gradually increase it as per the requirements.

#14) Take care while you are machining small jobs, so that the cutting tool does not interact with the rotating chuck.

#15) If the turning operation is completed, then you should move the cutting tool away from the workpiece before removing or adjusting the workpiece.

#16) Do not use the hand or any other things to stop the rotating chuck. Let it stop by itself.

#17) If your machining work is finished, then you should clean the lathe surface and lathe bed by using a brush. Don’t use your fingers or hand to clean the metal chips.

#18) Always disconnect the power source while the lathe is in maintenance work.

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