What is Press Working? (18 Press Working Operations Explained!)

What is Press Working? Press Working (also known as cold stamping) is defined as a manufacturing process in which the various components are made from sheet metal by using a press machine.

To perform a press working operation, the machine is used which is known as a press.

Well, now further I have discussed the concept of press working operations as well as various different types of press working operations with images.

So let’s dive right into it !!

Press working operations

Various different types of press working operations are listed below.

  1. Cutting operations
    • Shearing
    • Blanking
    • Punching
    • Piercing
    • Slotting
    • Perforating
    • Notching
    • Lancing
    • Nibbling
    • Slitting
    • Parting
    • Cut off
    • Trimming
    • Shaving
    • Dinking
  2. Forming operations
    • Bending
    • Drawing
    • Squeezing

In sheet metal cutting operations, a high amount of force is applied to the metal piece which causes the material to fail.

In most of the sheet metal cutting operations, the shear force is applied to the metal, hence this process is also termed as shearing processes.

The shearing force that acts on the sheet metal is applied by using two tools. One tool is below the sheet metal and the other tool is above the sheet.

The small clearance is kept between the edges of upper blade and lower blade which creates the shearing force on the sheet metal.

In cutting operations, the shear stress of the material exceeds the ultimate shear strength of the material, and hence the material fails.

While in a forming operation, the stresses are below the ultimate strength of the material.

Having said that, let’s now discuss each type of press working operations one by one.

#1) Shearing

press working shearing

In shearing operation, the sheet metal is placed between the upper blade and lower blade. Then the force is applied from the upper blade that shears the metal.

In shearing operation, the upper blade is mostly kept at some angle which cuts the metal from one end and then proceeds to the other end.

#2) Blanking

press working blanking

Blanking is a sheet metal operation that is carried out using a die and punch to produce a flat blank. The blank produced by this process is useful and the rest of the metal is scrap.

#3) Punching

Punching is a sheet metal operation that is used to make a hole in a blank by using die and punch.

Punching is similar to blanking operation, but here the punched hole part is useful and the punch out part is a scrap.

#4) Piercing

press working piercing

In a piercing operation, the punch pierces a hole in a sheet metal.

#5) Slotting

press working slotting

Slotting is a punching operation in which the rectangular slots are made in a sheet metal.

#6) Perforating

press working perforating

Perforating is a cutting operation which is done on the sheet metal to make a number of holes in a single operation.

#7) Notching

notching sheet metal

Notching is a sheet metal cutting operation in which a small part of metal is cut from a blank.

In notching, the cut part touches one of the edges of the metal sheet.

#8) Lancing

lancing sheet metal

Lancing is a sheet metal operation which involves the shearing of a workpiece and it is bent with one strike of the die.

#9) Nibbling

nibbling sheet metal

Nibbling is a sheet metal cutting operation in which a series of punching is done to cut out a large  contoured shape.

#10) Slitting

press working slitting

In slitting metal, the sheet metal is cut into two pieces with a rolling part that has a shearing blade.

#11) Parting


Parting is simply a process of separating a part from the remaining sheet.

#12) Cut off

cut off

Cut off operation is an operation in which a sheet metal part is separated from the remaining sheet without producing any scrap.

#13) Trimming

sheet metal trimming

In sheet metal forming processes like deep drawing, the extra metal remains present at the outer surface of the drawn metal.

This excess metal is unwanted and it should be trimmed off.

This operation of trimming the unwanted material from the component is called trimming operation.

#14) Shaving

press working shaving

Shaving operation is a process of removing the roughness, unevenness and burrs from the blank.

Shaving operation is a type of finishing operation in which a small amount of metal is sheared away from the blank metal.

#15) Dinking

press working dinking

Dinking is a special type of piercing operation that is used for punching soft metals.

For dinking operation, the hollow punch with beveled and sharpened edges is used to press the sheet metal.

#16) Bending

press working bending

Sheet metal bending is a metal forming process in which a force is applied to a sheet metal piece, which ultimately causes it to bend at an angle to form a desired shape.

#17) Drawing

sheet metal drawing

Sheet metal drawing is a metal forming operation in which the metal blank is stretched into a desired shape by the mechanical action of a punch.

The punch pushes the sheet metal blank downward and forces it into a die cavity which ultimately forms a shape of the desired part.

#18) Squeezing

squeezing metal

Squeezing in sheet metal is a forming process in which the sheet metal is compressed with a high force such that it can flow through the entire cavity in the die.

Squeezing process is mostly suitable for ductile metals only.

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