What is Squeeze Casting Process? What are its Applications?

What is Squeeze Casting Process?
Squeeze casting process (also known as liquid metal forging) is a manufacturing process in which the metal is casted by using the combination of casting process and forging process.

Let me tell you the steps of squeeze casting process.

Steps of Squeeze Casting Process

  • In the very first step, the die is preheated so that the molten metal can flow easily in the die.
Squeeze casting process Diagram
  • The molten metal is poured into the bottom half of the preheated die.
  • Now after some time, the solidification of metal starts.
  • During this solidification process, the upper half of the die is closed and pressure is applied during this process.
Squeeze casting
  • The pressure applied in the squeeze casting process is comparatively very less than that in the forging process.
  • Because of the application of pressure during the solidification process, the desired shape of metal is obtained in the die.
  • Sometimes cores are also used to form internal cavities in the castings.
  • After the solidification process, the metal is removed out and thus final casting is obtained in this way.
Squeeze casting process
  • The casted metal possess low porosity and it will have improved mechanical properties.
  • By using a squeeze casting process, both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be casted.

Applications of Squeeze Casting Process

The applications of squeeze casting process are mentioned below.

  1. Squeeze casting process is mainly used for casting of aluminum and magnesium alloys.
  2. Squeeze casting process is also a

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