Welding vs Riveting vs Casting (13 Points You Should Know)

Welding vs Riveting vs Casting

Here I have mentioned 13 points that will show you how welding is different from other processes like riveting, casting and bolting.

Welding vs Riveting vs Casting

  1. Welding process is the simplest, fastest and cost effective process as compared to riveting, casting, bolting or other metal joining processes.
  2. Metal joining techniques like screwing or bolting require some extra components like flange or other overlapping parts. While in the welding process, the additional weight can be reduced and material saving can be done.
  3. Some weldings are even stronger than the actual metals to be welded.
  4. By using the welding process, complicated shapes can also be joined. But by using any other fastening methods (like bolting or riveting), it is difficult to join the complicated parts.
  5. Different types of metals can be joined by using a welding process, but it is not possible to make a combined casting of two or more different metals at the same time.
  6. Welding operation is noiseless as compared to riveting or fastening operations.
  7. By using the welding process, there is no need for manufacturing and storing the pattern. So these costs can be avoided.
  8. Structures made by using welded joints have better finishing than those made with riveting or bolting.
  9. The joints made by welding are more efficient as compared to the joints made by riveting or fastening.
  10. The weight of the weld is very less in comparison to the total weight of the structure. But the structures made by using riveting or bolting processes gain more weight.
  11. Fabrication by welding saves machining cost involved in cost parts.
  12. Material cost involved in the welding process is much less as compared to rivets and bolts used for riveting and bolting processes respectively.
  13. The fabricated mild structure structure has more rigidity and tensile strength as compared to cast structure. Also the structure made by fabrication is lighter than the cast structure.

I hope you have got some basic idea and comparison of Welding vs Riveting as well as Welding vs Casting.

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