8 Different Types of Jig Bushes (With Images)

What is a Jig Bush? Jig bushes are the tools that are used to locate and guide the cutting tools like drills, boring bars, reamers, counterboring tools, etc. Jig bushes can be used on multiple faces of the component which requires machining. Jig bushings are made of which material?Jig bush is made up of either … Read more

What is Power Clamping? | Hydraulic & Pneumatic Clamps

What is Power Clamping/Power Clamps? Power Clamps are the power driven work holding clamps that are quick acting, controllable, reliable and operated without fatigue to the operator. Power clamping is generally done by using hydraulic power or pneumatic power. Based on this, the power clamping devices are of two types; Hydraulic clamps and Pneumatic clamps … Read more

Mechanical Clamping Devices (Fixtures) and its 7 Types

What are fixture clamping devices? Fixture clamping devices are the mechanical clamps that hold the workpiece and keep it stable against all the distributing forces that come on it during a machining process. The clamping devices should be clamped in such a way that the clamping pressure should not be directed towards the cutting operation … Read more

What is Thread Rolling? (Explained with Images)

What is Thread Rolling? Thread rolling is a cold working technique of making external threads on the cylindrical workpiece. In Thread Rolling, the threads are made by pressing the thread rolling dies against the workpiece. By using thread rolling, the operation can be performed very fast and hence a large number of components can be … Read more

What is a Threading Die? (What are its Types?)

What is a Threading die? Threading die (also known as thread cutting die) is a tool used to cut external threads on cylindrical or tapered surfaces. They are made of HSS or hardened tool steel and have sharp internal cutting edges. The thread cutting dies are rotated around the workpiece by using a handle or … Read more