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Many people needs information on different queries either to solve their problem or to improve their knowledge about the same.

Even school going students and college going students are lacking the practical knowledge on educational topics which are very important to understand.

Knordslearning.com is a platform where we explain every single detail on education related topics which helps students as well as teachers.

We are trying to help both students as well as teachers by providing them knowledge about these educational related topics (starting from basics to advance) through this website.

Study is not boring. In reality, it’s the teachers who are teaching us.

You might have heard this quote:

“Teachers who make physics boring are criminals”

Walter Lewin

This is the reason why we decided to start this website to help people by providing them with simple and best conceptual knowledge about different educational topics.

We know that time is precious for all of us. 

So we have provided the best real life examples to explain the tough topics in a simplest way.

About Author

Knordslearning.com was founded by Jay Rana, who is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a blogger by passion. 

He has a good conceptual knowledge on different educational topics and he provides the same on this website.

He loves to learn something new everyday and believes that the best utilization of free time is developing a new skill.

Articles that students love to read

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These articles have simple, practical and plain English explanation with applications that you will love to read.


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