Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

This is a complete interactive periodic table of elements with names, symbols, atomic mass, atomic number and much more information about each element.

Click on the above elements to see their interactive bohr diagrams as well as other information.

You can also refer to the image of periodic table from below.


You can also download this image in high resolution.

Let’s see a few basic things about the periodic table of elements.

How are elements arranged on the periodic table?

The elements on the periodic table are arranged in the increasing order of their atomic number.

The atom having a minimum atomic number (i.e 1) is placed at the left-top corner and similarly other elements having atomic numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, … etc are arranged from left to right in the periodic table.

There are two rows at the bottom of the periodic table that show the extension of group 3.

Rows and columns in the periodic table

Rows: The horizontal rows of the periodic table are called periods and there are a total of 7 periods in the periodic table.

Columns: The vertical columns of the periodic table are called groups and there are a total of 18 groups in the periodic table.

Blocks in periodic table

There are a total of 4 blocks in the periodic table.

  1. s-block: The elements which are in group 1 and group 2 are included in s-block.
  2. p-block: The elements from group 13 to group 18 are included in p-block.
  3. d-block: The elements from group 3 to group 12 are included in d-block.
  4. f-block: The elements in the two separate rows which are at the bottom of the periodic table are included in f-block.

Types of elements on periodic table

There are many different types of elements present on the periodic table.

The left side elements are the elements that show metallic properties and the elements on the right side of the periodic table show the nonmetallic properties.

Different types of elements present on the periodic table are listed below.

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